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Youth Mentoring Classes

Mentoring classes will be held every 3rd Saturday of each month. The location, dates and times will be announced. Certificates will be awarded for our mentor program upon approval.

Teenage girls and boys will be paired up with mature adults and will be given assignments and instructions on what to expect out of the mentoring class. Homework will be assigned upon approval by the President, Temika.

Men and women who are skilled and properly equipped will be mentoring other young men and women. Members are encouraged to prayerfully seek out other young people that are interested in being mentored by going out into the community on a weekly basis and spreading the word.

Volunteer Training

Upcoming volunteer opportunities include passing out food, clothing and resources to help our community and families improve their lives.

Make sure you check out our events page to see the exciting things that will be taking place in our communities. You don’t want to miss out, so stay tuned in for more info!